Anite launches Nemo Cloud – a centralized, web-based service for the remote control and management of test and measurement fleets

Anite, a global leader in wireless network testing technology, today announced it is launching a unique end-to-end online service, Nemo Cloud. Nemo Cloud connects various Nemo products into one powerful, industry-leading solution enabling remote access and control of Anite’s measurement and analytics solutions as well as efficient data sharing between users.

Nemo Cloud online access provides real-time control and monitoring of measurement product fleets as well as improved responsiveness of measurement projects in the field – including visibility of test data. The centralized control and product upgrades, together with online license and inventory management, give customers the tools to get more out of their measurement resources and product portfolio. Nemo Cloud improves product lifecycle efficiency – directly accelerating ROI for measurement solution investments.

“Our customers can now interact seamlessly with their fleet of measurement products. Centralized control and storage enables direct online management of data while users can easily and effectively share information between solutions,” says Kai Ojala, Vice President and CTO, Network Measurement Solutions at Anite Network Testing. “Moving from post-processing to a more real-time process creates streamlined operations leading to direct OPEX savings. We are simplifying our customers’ processes and offering them the ultimate cloud-based tool to achieve that.”

Nemo Cloud enables remote fleet monitoring and management; license and project management; post-processing and analytics. The first service available from Nemo Cloud is Nemo Cloud Commander – a comprehensive web tool for the remote management and control of Nemo products. The first Nemo Cloud compliant products are Nemo Outdoor, Nemo Handy, Nemo Invex II, and Nemo Xynergy. Future releases will integrate remote lifecycle and license management into Nemo Cloud.

Nemo Cloud will be demonstrated at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona 22-25 of February in Hall 6, at stand I50. At the stand Anite will also showcase analytics products Nemo Xynergy and Nemo WindCatcher, Nemo Walker Air and Nemo Handy for handheld / in-building measurements, Nemo Autonomous for unattended measurements, and the latest benchmarking solution Nemo Invex II. For more information, please visit or contact us at to schedule a meeting at MWC 2016.

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