Anite’s Propsim F32 Channel Emulator supports 3GPP recommended MIMO OTA testing methodology

Anite, a global leader in wireless equipment testing technology, has today announced that its industry leading Propsim F32 Channel Emulator supports advanced MIMO OTA mobile device testing using a Multi Probe Anechoic Chamber (MPAC) methodology, as recommended by 3GPP1. This innovative test environment enables users to verify that mobile devices with the latest technology features, including multiple antenna configurations and carrier aggregation, perform as expected.

Anite has been an integral part of 3GPP since the start of the study on test methodologies for advanced MIMO OTA testing. All major test system integrators have benefited from using Anite’s Propsim F32 Channel Emulator to provide results to the standards community. In September last year, Anite also announced that it had helped to accelerate the initial release of the CTIA standardised MIMO OTA performance test plan.

The Propsim F32 is a single unit channel emulator that supports eight dual polarized antennas for MIMO OTA testing in an anechoic chamber. It can be expanded to support 16 dual polarized antennas (required for testing larger devices), making it a future-proof solution for upcoming technologies and device formats.

Paul Beaver, Products Director at Anite’s Device & Infrastructure Testing business commented: “Anite has played an instrumental part in developing the most advanced MIMO OTA testing methodologies, making key contributions to the 3GPP standards. As a result, users of Anite’s channel emulators are able to verify that the latest LTE devices perform as expected in real-world scenarios.”

13GPP: 3rd Generation Partnership Project is a collaboration between groups of telecommunications associations

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