Apstec’s Human Security Radar to Enhance Security at Turkey’s Esenboga International Airport

Pioneering technology capable of scanning 10,000 people per hour will bolster security in crowded terminal entrances 

November 28, 2018 – Apstec Systems™ (Apstec™) today announced that its Human Security Radar® (HSR®), the first fully automatic real-time mass people screening solution, has been selected by Esenboga Airport, Ankara, to significantly boost security in land side areas. Chosen following a rigorous selection process, including a pilot installation, HSR will be installed at the terminal entrances as part of ongoing security enhancement measures by the Turkish State Airports Authority. It will enable people screening without slowing down the flow of traffic, with each system capable of scanning up to 10,000 individuals per hour. The technology was deployed in partnership with local distributer AKBA.

The devastating attacks on Ataturk Airport in Istanbul and Brussels Airport highlighted the vulnerability of the land side of airports to terrorism. Since these events there has been global interest in securing the land side of airports, but traditional aviation style security checkpoints or manual searches, which scan one individual at a time, are not suited to purpose and result in large queues of passengers, which are vulnerable to attack in their own right. With existing approaches to security screening providing impractical, inconvenient and expensive to operate, terminals have remained susceptible to attack, or are subject to intrusive and disruptive security screening regimes.

HSR® was designed to address this challenge, and offers a practical and cost-effective solution to security screening in such high footfall scenarios. The first fully automated, real-time mass screening solution, HSR ® provides seamless security to protect public places from terrorist attacks. The walkthrough system uniquely combines unparalleled high throughput, speed and accuracy, simultaneously screening multiple subjects in real-time for threats, without the need for an operator to inspect suspect materials. With 40,000 passengers traveling through Esenboga Airport every day, the deployment of HSR will be instrumental in improving security for millions of people.

“HSR constitutes a major breakthrough in the way airports protect the land side of terminals,” commented Osman Aksoy & Sirzat Balin,Co-Founders, AKBA. “Through deploying HSR as part of its commitment to terminal safety and enhanced security measures, the Turkish Airport Authority has taken a major step to prevent the reoccurrence of terrorist attacks.”

Esenboga Airport’s uptake of HSR is the latest major deployment of the technology, which is currently utilised by some of the world’s largest airports, as well as sports stadiums, entertainment venues, mass transport hubs and networks, places of worship, hotels and high-end retail and entertainment centres.

“HSR is proven to dramatically improve safety in crowded public spaces, and enables venue owners to close a critical security capability gap,” added Gregory Labzovsky, CEO, Apstec. “We’re therefore delighted to be working with Esenboga Airport to enhance safety for millions of travellers. AKBA, our distributor in Turkey, were instrumental in helping the Turkish Authorities understand the potential of HSR.”


About Apstec

Founded in 2003, Apstec has established itself as an innovator in the field of real-time mass people screening and threat detection technology. Backed by meticulous research and development by its leading experts specializing in the application of radio physics, electronics and software engineering to the development of technology for the detection of weapons and person-borne improvised explosive devices (PBIEDs), Apstec can boast the most mature and rigorously tested system available to the market today, the Human Security Radar® (HSR®). With patents allowed in 59 countries worldwide and the completion of numerous successful trials with leading organizations, Apstec is poised to make good on its mission to make the world a safer place. For more information about the company please visit: www.apstecsystems.com

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