B2B Social media 101

B2B Social media 101: LinkedIn profiling for trailblazing thought leaders

Social media accounts are ubiquitous, spanning from the Royal Family to newborn babies, pets, and government departments. How we use social media has changed, it’s no longer a pastime for a specific group of people. It’s a window to your world – a shopfront to your life, and more importantly, your business. 

While some social media users can be accused of oversharing via their personal accounts, can the same be said of professional accounts? Is there such a thing as an overuse of social media for the digitally savvy in today’s working world?  The social space is no longer the domain of the young, but a key platform for both organisations and their C-suite professionals to grow their public profiles.

Behind the scenes 

Anyone can run a social media account though, right? A bit of regular posting, and a few funny reels, what’s so hard about that? The truth is, everything you think you know about social media you may as well rip up – it’s probably already passé. Social trends and viral topics are constantly changing. Social media is no longer the afterthought of the marketing department but an integral cog in your marketing machine. One that needs meticulous, professional management and planning. 

So, first stop: research. Who’s your audience? What makes them tick? What do they react to and what do they want to see? Second stop: set out your stall. Your social media account is basically the shop front to your business. From establishing your unique tone of voice (are you fun, cheeky, a bit risqué?) to ensuring all your visual assets absolutely scream your brand; your content should be unmistakably yours – always. Your content is not just a post but a piece of the jigsaw puzzle that you want everyone who comes across your page to solve easily. 

Trailblazing thought leaders

Now, before you hurl yourself into sourcing a Gen Z employee to run the show, pause. It’s not all about the latest trends; it’s about the trends that suit your brand. The reality is, you need to find someone who ‘gets it’, with a keen understanding of human behaviour, your audience, and a higher-than-average EQ score. Someone with a steady hand on the tiller, who can steer your social ship safely through the choppy waters of establishing your brand on social media. A thorough triage of your social profile, followed by an action plan with committed investment and team can be the difference between blasting into the ether or lead generation. Channel your creativity and consistency into making every post as vibrant and dynamic as the people behind the profiles.

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