OpenCloud and Gintel Agree Partnership to deliver Enterprise Applications

Cambridge, UK – [24 July 2013] – Telecoms software innovator OpenCloud and enterprise mobility solutions provider Gintel today announced a partnership to provide a network-based solution that will enable operators to deliver services to the enterprise market.

The announcement follows a recently signed partnership agreement between the two companies.

The partnership will enable Gintel to broaden its market opportunities by integrating its solutions with the full range of operator networks using OpenCloud’s Rhino platform, which connects the applications to the underlying network. Once installed the Rhino platform provides operators with a service layer framework that they can use to run telco-grade applications, developed in-house or by a third party developer.  OpenCloud and Gintel are responding to operator demand for an applications server model that supports multiple, independently created applications.

The joint proposition was driven by a European Tier-1 operator customer that had already deployed the Rhino platform, and has now chosen to deploy the Gintel solution on its existing platform. Going forward, the partnership will enable all operators to launch a range of innovative Enterprise services on an open, extensible service layer platform.

OpenCloud’s Rhino Platform manages the complexities of telecoms signalling protocols and enables independent third party developers to create new telecoms applications through a rich Java-based API. The platform is based on open standards, allowing operators to take full advantage of the extensive global developer community, cutting the cost of integration and speeding up the time to market of new services.   Furthermore, it is also based in the network, enabling trusted developers to fully utilise the fully capabilities of all of the network elements and signalling protocols.

“The enterprise market is an important customer segment for the operators and despite the global migration to LTE and all-IP networks, many enterprise accounts are still supported by legacy standards and technologies,” said, Jeff Gordon, CEO of OpenCloud. “Our partnership with Gintel will enable operators to continue to innovate and deliver new services to their business customers. Gintel’s enterprise applications run on OpenCloud’s Rhino platform that supports both legacy and IMS networks. OpenCloud has always advocated an open eco-system that can serve operators and developers. For many years now, the telecoms industry has become reliant on closed, single-purpose solutions that have restricted innovation, but our partnership with Gintel demonstrates that this open methodology, enabling independent innovation by third parties, is gaining more traction in the market.”

Mazen Shiaa, VP Sales and Marketing at Gintel, explained: “Gintel is well established in the market as a provider of enterprise and SME focused solutions to operators. Our applications have helped to bolster the enterprise portfolio of our customers. The joint proposition with OpenCloud allows us to have a much greater reach in terms of the operators we target, servicing legacy and IMS customers. The platform integration provides us with the ability to run applications using the service layer framework that OpenCloud supports, connecting our solutions to the underlying network.”

Both OpenCloud and Gintel will be present at the SDP Global Summit in Rome between 17th and 19th September 2013.

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