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On 2nd September, Babel hosted a panel of industry experts and media to discuss the state of trust in the fintech market, and the steps organisations can take to effectively manage reputation and build trust.

There is enormous enthusiasm for the fintech sector, and huge investment. On 28th August 2020, Dealroom highlighted that the second quarter of the year saw fintechs rake in €1.7 billion in funding, just shy of the €2 billion seen in Q1. This despite a global economic downturn.

However, the speed with which fintechs come to market and the vast sums of money involved, leave margin for error in cultural and operational matters. Building trust at speed is a challenge and the industry has had more than its fair share of negative press.

With our panel of experts, we investigated just why there is such a trust issue and how the media respond and interrogate incidents. Importantly we also discussed how organisations can create effective strategies to manage reputation in a complex and volatile industry.

You can watch the session back now to hear the insights of our panel:


If you have any feedback or questions about managing reputation and building brand trust through your communications programmes, please do get in touch.

And if you’d like to know more about the fintech landscape, the trust issues companies face, and how the marketing and communications strategies to employ to overcome these, then keep an eye out for our dedicated whitepaper, landing soon.

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