#BabelTalks webinar: Fintech – A Question of Trust?

With just one week to go until Babel’s next virtual panel event, we have been diving into the fintech industry to gain a greater understanding of the trust gap between the sector and its consumers.

The fintech industry has grown at an exponential rate over the past several years. The likes of Amazon, Uber, Apple and Netflix have invested significantly in expanding their own individual segments.

Despite the push for investment, it cannot be ignored that the industry has faced its fair share of negative press. Fintech companies, including Revolut and N26 are taking a hit to their growth plans as trust issues appear to having a significant impact on this new development of digitalisation. These issues have left consumers using digital banks as a secondary measure and even Monzo’s long standing Chief Marketing Officer, Tristan Tomas is stepping down due to the uncertain times the fintech sector is facing.

With all of this happening in the industry, on 2nd September at 1400 BST, Babel will be hosting a virtual panel event to discuss the fintech industry and asking the question: has fintech been unjustly put in the firing line of negative publicity, or is there genuinely a lack of trust of the industry?

We’ll be joined on the panel by Ruby Hinchliffe, reporter for Fintech Futures; Eric Johansson, senior reporter, Fintech Global, and editor of RegTech Analyst; Caterina Ponsicchi, Group Marketing Director at Creditinfo; Conor Coughlan, Chief Marketing Officer at Fenergo.

Throughout this discussion, panellists will be sharing their thoughts on a range of issues, including ‘when does an incident turn into a crisis, how can you manage a crisis once it arises, and how can the industry make up for this apparent trust gap?’

We would love for you to join, so if you’re looking for insight on and questions answered about the fintech industry, please register here. Hope to see you there!

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