BICS adds roaming fraud protection to its FraudGuard solution

BICS, a leading wholesale carrier delivering global  voice, mobile data and capacity services, today announced a step forward in its innovative fraud protection solution, FraudGuard, by extending the crowdsourcing platform to incorporate protection against roaming fraud for its MNO Partners.

Roaming fraud is a growing problem that costs the industry over six billion USD per year worldwide and can be responsible for huge revenue losses to telecoms operators anywhere in the world.

By incorporating Roaming NRTRDE into FraudGuard’s cloud-based platform, BICS provides a cost-effective, complete and seamless way for operators to protect themselves proactively and in real-time against the most sophisticated telecom fraud threats.

FraudGuard identifies over 100 new threats to carriers daily and has already saved operators millions of dollars in revenues, blocking over 500 million fraudulent call attempts across 800 telcos within the first two years of operation.

BICS’ FraudGuard is fortified with revenue analytics to deliver a fully integrated solution to help carriers combat telecoms fraud. The end-to-end surveillance capabilities of the platform across the network offer real-time detection and optimum coverage of a wide range of fraud types.

“Voice fraud continues to be a major problem within the industry which can have a potentially devastating impact on the revenues of operators of all sizes,” said Jorn Vercamert, Vice President of Voice, BICS. “By expanding the remit of FraudGuard, BICS is arming operators with the tools to proactively protect themselves, their customers and their revenues.”

Katia Gonzalez, Head of Fraud Operations & Services at BICS added: “BICS is committed to the continued development of fraud solutions to protect customers proactively against the increasingly sophisticated methods being deployed by fraudsters. By working together with the industry and developing protection based on actual threats, BICS is leading the fight against telecoms fraud.”

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