Big ambitions, small budget: PR strategy for start-up success

As a specialist technology PR agency (that works with companies big and small, and at all stages of growth), we understand how difficult it can be for start-ups wanting to get their message out there, build their brand, or win financial backing. At the end of 2018, 69 European tech start-ups had gone public, compared to just 28 in the US. Tech start-ups in Europe also raised $23 billion in venture capital funding, up from just $5 billion five years ago.

But while the start-up market is thriving, it’s clearly a pretty crowded space! As such, whichever tech sector a start-up operates in, building media and analyst relations and getting your message heard can be challenging.

So, during London Tech Week this June, Babel is hosting a breakfast panel event that will provide insights, top tips and case study experience to help start-ups harness the power of PR and communications to gain market visibility and drive investment.

Babel has in-depth experience developing effective communication strategies that help growth-stage companies in the technology and telecoms space launch, build awareness and grow. Here’s just one example of our past success:

The start-up

Babel was appointed by Loupedeck to help build brand visibility and raise funds for its new photo and video editing console, as part of an Indiegogo crowdfunding initiative.

The Finnish-based team, made up of ex-Nokia developers and avid photographers, understood the challenges facing passionate amateurs and experienced professionals in the fields of photography and graphic design. They had noticed that the traditional photo and video editing process using a keyboard and mouse was outdated and inefficient. And so, the first generation of the Loupedeck console was born, giving photographers and video creators a more hands-on and intuitive means of editing images. However, the company needed to raise funds to continue global production and availability.

An effective PR campaign across multiple markets therefore had to be delivered in a limited timeframe, on a limited budget.

The start-up strategy

We kept it simple. Our team conducted extensive research and identified the target market as amateur and pro-photographers, as well as graphic designers. As a start-up little known to media and the target audience, the campaign emphasised the gravitas and impressive expertise of the team behind the product – rather than focussing solely on techie product specs.

Babel spearheaded the global campaign, leading outreach across the UK and US. Generating coverage and awareness throughout Europe was achieved via our ‘hub and spoke’ model. Babel acted as the control centre and powerhouse behind the campaign, coordinating regional outreach via our partner agencies across Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, Spain, France, Italy and Canada.

The start-up’s success

Our extensive engagement with journalists, as well over 300 influential photobloggers and forums, meant that Loupedeck’s fundraising campaign had maximum impact.

Babel generated widespread coverage in target media, driving backers to Loupedeck’s Indiegogo crowdfunding page. We helped Loupedeck to far exceed its original target of €75,000, generating a total of €366,361 (488% above target!), from 61 countries.

After the incredibly successful crowdfunding campaign, Loupedeck asked us to officially launch the console into the US and the UK, which included an availability announcement and extensive reviews programme. In addition to positive reviews across key technology and sector-specific titles including Engadget, CNET and TechRepublic, Loupedeck’s console also featured in the ‘showstopping gifts’ section of a Christmas edition of Channel 5’s The Gadget Show. Following the broadcast, Loupedeck reported a sharp increase in UK sales.

Fast forward a couple of years and Loupedeck has gone from a technology start-up with little market visibility, to a well-known, innovative brand among photography and video circles. We’ve since supported Loupedeck with the launch of the Loupedeck+ and we remain in contact with the company as it continues to grow its business, its customer numbers, and its revenues.

If you’d be interested in attending our #BabelTalksStartups event on Tuesday 11th June at SiNK Pong visit our event or Eventbrite page to sign up!

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