Deutsche Telekom makes a long-term commitment to SAS, Anite’s interoperability test solution

Fleet, Hampshire, UK – 23 October, 2014 – Anite, a global leader in wireless equipment testing technology, announced today that Deutsche Telekom has reconfirmed its commitment to SAS – Anite’s device interoperability test solutions – by signing another multi-year agreement. Deutsche Telekom, who owns the T-Mobile brand, is one of the world’s top ten providers of mobile phone services and a long-term user of SAS.

SAS has been used by Deutsche Telekom for over seven years to analyse device interoperability and performance, including complex roaming scenarios, voice quality and call rejection. SAS enables the creation of customised test cases, which are used to rigorously test new device features both pre- and post- launch. This ensures that devices operate as intended on the network and improves end-user satisfaction.

Since procuring SAS Deutsche Telekom has experienced a reduction in customer support calls and in requests for device swaps and repairs, leading to operational savings.

“Anite’s SAS offers us a flexible, simple and repeatable method of testing mobile devices and is proven to save us time, resources and money. Improving customer satisfaction is key for our business and using Anite’s SAS helps identify device issues early, which can be swiftly resolved before reaching the customer”, said Dr Ralf Mehlan, VP Terminal Integration and Validation at Deutsche Telekom.

Paul Beaver, Products Director at Anite commented: “Anite is delighted to extend its partnership with Deutsche Telekom, a leading European mobile operator. Their continued commitment to SAS demonstrates Anite’s value to mobile operators interested in enhancing the end-users’ experience and customer satisfaction.”

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