eFax® survey identifies significant corporate migration to the cloud

eFax®, a leading provider of digital fax solutions, today announced the findings of independent research revealing that the majority of companies surveyed have moved business applications to a hosted services model to improve business productivity and reduce operational costs.

Of the businesses questioned, 83 percent said they use cloud technology, with 59 percent stating the main reason for this as flexibility and scalability.  45 percent of businesses also identified higher productivity and minimising costs as key reasons for adopting cloud models.

Paul Kinsella, General Manager, j2 Global® Europe,  commented, “What these statistics show is that although businesses are undoubtedly concerned with maximising profitability and reducing costs, they are also ready to invest in the right technology in order to grow. Flexible, accessible solutions hosted in the cloud are increasingly seen as the most cost-effective way to meet market demands and add value to the bottom line.”

This perspective is reflected in the survey data, even among the 17 percent of businesses not currently employing cloud services: the majority of this group plan to adopt a cloud model in 2014.

The survey also looked at business pressures facing UK corporations today:  

·         55 percent cited higher customer expectations

·         54 percent identified the economic environment

·         53 percent flagged competitive pressures

“Despite green shoots in the economy,” said Kinsella, “It’s clear that savvy consumers and a crowded market place, are continuing to force businesses to do more with less.  These are long standing business issues. What is different today is what companies are doing to meet these challenges.  In an effort to streamline operations and boost productivity, UK businesses are turning to cloud services, with lower capital costs and rapid deployment cycles.”

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