England fans set to cash-in on Uruguay match day celebrations using Scoopshot app

Helsinki, Finland, June 18, 2014 – Scoopshot (www.scoopshot.com), the global leader in crowdsourced mobile photo and video content, will launch two new UK tasks tomorrow (June 19) to find the most eye-catching images of fans enjoying and enduring tomorrow’s England vs. Uruguay match in Sao Paulo. Scoopshooters also have the opportunity to sell their best images to national and international media looking for the most dynamic crowdsourced photographs of the tournament.

Ahead of tomorrow’s match, Scoopshot is encouraging its users to upload images of dogs wearing England kits as well as England fans celebrating during their 2nd Group match against Uruguay. The images can then be sold to outlets looking for copyright-free images to illustrate stories or campaigns with photos. Task photos and video are available to media, marketers and bloggers to enhance their content after a private task closes, usually 3 – 7 days after the task launch.”

As an extra incentive to England fans, Scoopshot is offering £15 to smartphone photographers who upload the best celebrations during tomorrow’s game and their cute canines in England kits. If there are no goals, the prize will be offered to the supporters who most convincingly conceal their disappointment. Global tasks are taking place throughout the tournament, with images purchased by a wide range of media outlets after being uploaded onto Scoopshot’s online portal (www.scoopshot.com/v2/tasks). Over 100 scoopshooters will receive a cash prize during the tournament with 18 photo assignments in total.

The Daily Express, Evening Standard, Daily Star and OK magazine have all purchased a wide range of images from Scoopshot in recent weeks. Outlets have sourced everything from Eurovision party images to breaking news stories. One scoopshooter recently captured the first picture of police arriving at the Shard in London on June 5 when smoke was seen coming from below, setting a new world record for user generated content publication. Tasks can also be set by brands and outlets seeking specific images.

All images sourced through Scoopshot are proved genuine and copyright free and are subject to a thorough authentication process examining geographical location, exchangable image file format (EXIF) data and resolution before its ID number and photographer name are embedded into the image. The media file is then transferred directly to the Scoopshot servers without any possibility of image manipulation. This process offers editors confidence in the authenticity of crowdsourced photographs and significant savings on costly stock images.

Scoopshot CEO Petri Rahja said: “With the vast number of copyright issues surrounding large sporting events, media outlets and advertisers have had to become even more creative in the way they use images to illustrate articles and brand campaigns. This has led to a huge increase in demand for crowdsourced images which provide the media with unique alternative while also offering amateur smartphone photographers the opportunity to cash-in on their work.

“The popularity of Scoopshot shows a shift in the media landscape as publications and brands look away from generic images to differentiate by sourcing user-generated content. In the news-sphere this can be anything from sourcing fun images of pets watching sporting events right through to using a smartphone photographer’s images to illustrate a breaking news story,” highlights Rahja.

Over 535,000 users across 177 countries currently use Scoopshot and over 70 major media outlets use the service to source images and videos of breaking news stories and images for advertising. One mobile photographer alone has earned over £17,000 by selling images to major media outlets. Individual photos can be sold for up to £5,000.

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