Eye-Fi Mobi wireless memory card: high-quality digital photography with the connectivity of mobile

London and Mountain View, 12th December 2013 – Eye-Fi, the world’s market leader for wireless SD memory cards, introduces Eye-Fi Mobi. Eye-Fi Mobi adds the convenience and the connectivity of mobile devices to high quality digital photography. Photos and videos can now be transferred quickly, easily and wirelessly to a smartphone or tablet, making them immediately available for sharing with the rest of the world via social media or email.

Many people use smartphones to take pictures, because the images can be shared instantly on social media. “Unfortunately, the capabilities of smartphones are very limited when compared to digital cameras in the areas of zoom, high-speed shooting, lighting and other functions,” says Matt DiMaria, CEO of Eye-Fi. “Eye-Fi Mobi is our most user friendly card to date and it is designed for photography enthusiasts who seek a solution without compromise: high quality photos and videos combined with the instant online delivery of the smartphone.”

Thanks to Eye-Fi Mobi, the cumbersome transfer of photos from the camera to smartphone or PC is a thing of the past, so now photographers only need to focus on making unforgettable photos. Juggling a multitude of devices is no longer necessary: the high quality photos from the camera can now be shared instantly via social media. Replace the camera’s standard SD card with an Eye-Fi Mobi card to make the pictures appear on your iOS or Android™ device in two simple steps.

“Our research shows that Eye-Fi Mobi fills a gap in the market. There is a large group of photographers who would like to transfer their photos wirelessly from their camera to their mobile devices,” says Alan Bullock, Associate Director at InfoTrends.” Many consumers even state that they will start using their digital camera’s more often again, if it has that functionality.”

“Up until now, you were only able to share your photos at the end of the day, or even at the end of your journey, when travelling,” says Francesco Rovetta, an enthusiastic Eye-Fi Mobi user and founder of Summit Stories, a charity project by mountaineers to help disadvantaged children. “With Eye-Fi Mobi I can take great pictures in remote locations such as Mount Kilimanjaro, and instantly edit, share and store them on my smartphone. Eye-Fi Mobi connects my camera to my phone so I can share my passion for photography in an easy and convenient way.”

Eye-Fi Mobi’s key features:
•             Setup simply and instantly: Mobi has the simplest Eye-Fi card setup yet – no computer, no account and no cloud. Just download the free Eye-Fi app for iOS or Android, enter the Mobi card’s unique 10-digit code, and the mobile device is paired. Use the same code to pair as many mobile devices as needed.

•             Share real-time: High-resolution photos and videos instantly transfer from camera to a device’s photo roll/gallery. From there, edit and share with favorite apps.

•             Transfer anywhere: Built-in WiFi means no WiFi network, hotspot or internet connection needed for pairing or transfer; Mobi literally moves photos from camera to devices anywhere, whenever new content is detected.

•             Works with the devices users already own (and love): Mobi works with thousands of cameras.

•             Eye-Fi Connected: Many manufacturers have integrated the software support for the Eye-Fi technology into their camera’s.

•             Free Eye-Fi App: for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, including the Kindle Fire.

•             Backup automatically: Photos and videos transfer as they’re taken, so if anything happens to the camera, content is already safe on the mobile device.

•             Achieve lightning fast quality: Mobi reinforces Eye-Fi’s commitment to provide exceptional performance in SD memory – HD video, low light and fast action shots are easily captured with this high-performance card.

The Mobi card will retail for £41.99 for the 8GB card, £51.99 for the 16GB card, and £71.99 for the 32GB card. It will be available through Amazon and the Eye-Fi website, amongst other retailers.  For more information about Eye-Fi WiFi cards and where to buy it, please visit:  https://en.eyefi.com

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