Feisty February – Coverage Highlights

I usually try to keep our highlights to just five articles but this month it was tricky, so I’ve allowed myself an extra one. What I love most about this selection of coverage is the range of tactics at play and the tenacity of the team in securing so many brilliant pieces.

Let’s start with BICS, a client that was featured in an FT article about the growth of the Luxembourg technology scene and the role it has played in strengthening its product set. A great effort from the team in creating a role for BICS in this article.

Once again the Orange Cyberdefense team was quick off the mark with an issues response following the attempted hack on a Florida water plant. The team secured five pieces of tier one coverage including Verdict, The Telegraph, Computer Weekly and ITPRO.

The newly launched tech publication, The Stack,  is highlighting innovators on the tech scene and the Enveil team knew it would want to feature client Ellison Anne Williams in a stellar profile interview.

Not content with a standalone piece of coverage on the FOI developer research in January, the Acquia team jumped on IBM’s survey to get a second bite of the apple and another great piece of coverage in El Reg.

It can be tricky to make a case for client coverage on busy topics like a new presidential administration, but the Ciena team worked hard to do just that, securing a great piece of coverage with CNN. Our client added great insight into the role of the whole ecosystem in expanding connectivity in the US.

In February, Orange Cyberdefense hosted a superb virtual roundtable discussing the impact of covid-19 on the cybersecurity landscape. Ten tier one media attended and coverage was immediate and impressive, including this piece on Infosecurity.

Great work from all the teams involved. I’m already looking forward to the March update! If you would like to hear more about any of the above, or what we can deliver for you, please do get in touch.

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