OpenCloud’s Rhino Platform enables Israel’s newest mobile operator to reduce network costs, and implement new services 

Cambridge, UK and Israel – 31st January, 2012 – Telecoms software provider, OpenCloud and Golan Telecom, Israel’s newest mobile operator, announced today that OpenCloud’s Rhino platform has been selected to underpin the delivery of voice and messaging services within the operators’ network. The Rhino platform provides Golan Telecom’s new network infrastructure with an open framework that gives the operator the flexibility to rapidly develop, and implement, advanced value-added services.

The OpenCloud Rhino platform will form the basis of Golan Telecom’s service layer architecture when the company launches consumer services; and was selected on the basis of its ability to cost efficiently support the creation of a world-class network – one delivering superior customer centric services on a dramatically reduced cost base.

Commenting on the announcement, Golan Telecom said: “We are building a business that is truly focused on the customer’s needs – low prices, but high quality, and compelling features. The only way to achieve this is through the adoption of advanced and adaptable technologies, such as OpenCloud’s Rhino platform. This solution provides us with the ability to satisfy the constant changes in consumer demand for services and applications, with a significantly reduced total cost base.”

“OpenCloud’s Rhino product suite is based on open standards. This open framework allows Golan Telecom to develop services ourselves, or via the highly-skilled, yet cost effective, developer community supported by OpenCloud. Using this unique model, Golan Telecom will retain complete ownership of service roadmaps; and can bring new services to the consumer with minimum delay. This is a complete contrast with the vendor ‘lock-in’ we might otherwise experience.”

“The partnership between OpenCloud and Golan Telecom came about because we both share a vision of creating differentiation through low-cost service innovation,” said Jeff Gordon, CEO of OpenCloud. “This refreshing approach to telecoms promises to become a welcome and disruptive force in the industry and we are pleased to be at the forefront of this new paradigm. Golan Telecom has the ambition, the experience and now the service platform to deliver a new experience to Israeli consumers. OpenCloud Rhino was designed specifically to meet the competitive challenges mobile operators now face. It meets that challenge by exploiting an open standards environment to allow for rapid, user-centric and cost effective service development.”


A full explanation of the Rhino product suite, together with data sheets, can be found at https://www.opencloud.com/.

Additional information about Golan Telecom, its services can be found at www.golantelecom.co.il.

About OpenCloud (www.opencloud.com)

OpenCloud delivers open, standards-based network transformation solutions to the telecommunications industry. OpenCloud Next Generation Service Layer products enable the agile delivery of classic and telco2.0 telecommunication services at a dramatically lower price-point across next generation IP and legacy networks. OpenCloud provides Rhino, a JAIN SLEE-based Telecom Application Server, together with a portfolio of hundreds of telecom applications, a Telecom Service Broker, and a real-time charging session control point for data, voice and messaging services. OpenCloud Service Layer products use commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware and software to deliver service layer agility to networks at a radically lower price-point than traditional solutions from network equipment providers.

OpenCloud is headquartered in Cambridge, UK with R&D, Engineering and Support in New Zealand and Spain and branch offices in the Singapore and Jakarta.

Visit https://developer.opencloud.com to join OpenCloud’s growing developer community.

About Golan Telecom (www.golantelecom.co.il)

 Golan Telecom is the new Israeli mobile operator. During 2012, Golan Telecom will revolutionarize the mobile market in the interest of the consumers.

Customers can register now at www.golantelecom.co.il




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