Hydrogen Energy Pioneer GenCell Selects Babel To Drive Global PR Programme

Pioneering company in the hydrogen energy industry, GenCell, has selected Babel to drive its global PR programme as part of GenCell’s strategic expansion worldwide. This is a crucial client win for Babel’s expanding green technology portfolio.

Recognised as one of Israel’s most innovative tech companies, GenCell develops unique alkaline fuel cell solutions that deliver clean, reliable and cost-efficient power from hydrogen. Its long-duration backup power solutions support telecom towers, manufacturing plants, mission-critical security applications and hospitals in 18 countries around the world.

In November 2020, GenCell successfully completed its first Initial Public Offering, raising some $60 million. The funding is helping GenCell to further develop its solution to extract hydrogen from anhydrous ammonia, using it to power fuel cells that deliver primary power to remote and rural sites beyond the grid and that can drive decarbonisation across many sectors.

Babel has been working with GenCell since October 2020, with the ongoing objective of raising its profile in the global marketplace, positioning it as a leading Israeli energytech firm within the booming hydrogen economy. Working closely with CEO Rami Reshef, Babel is harnessing its global media relations expertise to position GenCell as an expert in helping organisations realise the benefits of hydrogen fuel cells in target sectors including utilities, healthcare and telecoms.

Tal Sacharov, Head of Marketing, GenCell, said: “We believe that the winning combination of our advanced and innovative technology, together with the current accelerated growth in the world energy market, will allow GenCell to realise its green vision and future business goals. Babel is a key partner in helping us achieve those goals, using its technology sector expertise and depth of media relationships to raise awareness of GenCell globally.”

Paul Campbell, Director, Babel added: “Babel is proud to be helping companies like GenCell categorically change the way we approach our global environmental impact, driven by the latest technology innovations. This couldn’t be more urgent at a time when governments worldwide are pursuing ambitious targets to tackle climate change. Our media relations expertise and storytelling capabilities make us well-placed to help GenCell raise awareness in global markets and reach its international growth objectives.”

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