IFSEC 2014 – What to expect?

Infosec is long gone and IFSEC is once more upon us. Returning this year to its home town of London, the show promises to display a broad range of security solutions from the 650 exhibitors. Early reports tell us to expect a continuation on the theme of integrated security with surveillance, access control, alarm management and intruder detection all held together by IP.

It’s an exciting year for security vendors – the market demand has never been busier. With the explosion of the Internet of Things just around the corner, more and more devices are connecting to the internet – IDC estimates there will be 212 billion endpoints by 2020 – each and every one of them vulnerable to attack. Threats today are constantly changing and are becoming increasingly malicious in nature.

From the Heartbleed bug which affected 17% of the internet’s secure web servers, to the eBay data security breach that put millions at risk of identity theft, the media has been inundated with stories of security threats and cyber hacks in recent months. Cyber security is an important issue which isn’t going to disappear and almost everybody’s talking about it, in fact – to be more precise – around 2400 companies are talking about security in the UK media alone. So how do you make your company stand out in the crowd?

We carried out some research ahead to take a closer look at what’s trending in the security sector. It will come as no surprise to you that hacking and privacy issues are dominating the security landscape in the media, but look beyond those and its articles relating to mobility that are really capturing journalists’ attention.

Mobile is dominating UK security landscape with seven out of the top twenty security topic areas. Whether its Wireless, WiFi, BYOD, LTE, mobile payments or Android malware – they’re all up there making waves. Staying ahead on new mobile trends – and their security implications – is crucial for those looking to drive mindshare.

Please see a full infographic of our research here. If you’re looking to get ahead in the security sector, we’d love to work with you so please don’t hesitate to contact enquiries@babelpr.com

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