Intercede Eliminates Passwords in the Workplace

Today, digital identity and credentials expert Intercede announced new security software designed for deployment alongside Intel’s latest hardware-based identity protection technology, Intel® Authenticate. Intercede software, running on the 6th Gen Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor, works in combination with Intercede’s MyID credentials management solution to replace password-based access control for networks, applications and services with certificate-based, highly secure and convenient hardware-backed protection.

Intel and Intercede have worked together to integrate Intercede’s Minidriver and Virtual Reader software – a development of the company’s core MyID platform – within Intel Authenticate. Available in preview, Intel Authenticate is a hardware-enhanced, multifactor authentication solution that strengthens identity protection on the PC, making it less vulnerable to identity breaches and security credential attacks. Intercede will complement Intel Authenticate by making hardware-backed credentials available for Windows and domain logon, as well as making credentials issuance and management simpler and more scalable.

Enterprise customers will now have the ability to utilize Intercede’s MyID solution to easily issue and manage the credentials lifecycle. MyID was the first electronic personalization system to achieve FIPS 201 compliance in the U.S. and a leading and established choice for national governments and major companies in the aerospace and defense sector entrusted with protecting some of the world’s most sensitive data. Enterprises will soon be able to use Intercede’s high security technology with Intel Authenticate to remove the need for usernames and passwords and provide higher levels of user authentication.

“Intel Authenticate is a solid technology built to intelligently help secure Windows based platforms in today’s enterprise environments,” said Richard Parris, CEO of Intercede. “We are proud to be working with Intel to provide differentiating technology that works with their new generation solution. Intel Authenticate, coupled with MyID, enables end-user companies to focus on their business and to protect their workforce and assets with a more highly secure solution that is cost-effective, easy to deploy and manage across a global enterprise.”

“We’re excited to advance our work on Intel Authenticate, working with premier security companies like Intercede. Together, we’re empowering enterprise to not only dramatically improve identity security, but to do so in a way that improves the ease of use and experience for the business professional,” said Tom Garrison, vice president and general manager for the Intel Business Client Division.

To preview the new security technology first hand, demonstrations will be available during the RSA 16 conference in San Francisco through the end of this week. For more information at the show, stop by the Intel RSA 16 booth located at North Expo D3705.


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