LaterPay Turns to IPCom to Provide Intellectual Property Consultancy

IPCom’s dedicated R&D team advises LaterPay on how to monetise and safeguard inventions

Munich, Germany, 16th May 2019 IPCom, an Intellectual Property (IP) management and patent licensing company, has announced that it has been selected to provide consultancy to online payment system provider, LaterPay. With a dedicated R&D department and consulting services, IPCom is helping LaterPay safeguard and monetise its innovations through the development of new patents.

LaterPay enables online publishers and content providers to increase revenue through an industry-first technology which allows users to pay for articles, videos and any other paywall-protected content at a later date. The LaterPay philosophy is that purchasing and consuming digital content should be fast, convenient, and fair.

LaterPay required a partner that could help it understand which of its inventions can be patented in order to safeguard and turn them into valuable commercial assets. With almost two decades of experience in IP rights and R&D, IPCom was the ideal partner to help maximise the value of LaterPay’s innovations. Since working together, LaterPay has approximately tripled the number of patents it develops every year, reflecting its ongoing commitment to being a leader in the market.

LaterPay’s CEO, Cosmin Ene commented, “LaterPay is dedicated to creating software that improves the way that users pay for and consume content on the internet. IPCom provides us with an open channel of communication to discuss our new inventions and to explore how they can be protected and monetised. Navigating the patent landscape can be complex, so we value the insight and knowledge that IPCom provides, allowing us to focus on bringing new and innovative payment models to market.”

IPCom’s Head of Research and Development, Martin Hans, commented, “Some large, multinational corporations have dedicated R&D teams that help them develop new innovations and navigate the patent landscape. Smaller companies don’t have this luxury and so the responsibility often falls on the shoulders of the founders, who don’t have time to dedicate resources to this area of their business. For this reason, LaterPay has partnered with us to help create and cultivate its ideas, and we’re proud to be supporting it on this journey.”

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