Leading North American mobile operator endorses Anite’s new data performance testing solution

Fleet, Hampshire, UK – 12 September, 2013 – Anite, a global leader in wireless equipment testing technology, today announced that a leading North American mobile operator has validated Anite’s new data performance testing solution. The operator uses Anite’s testing solutions in their device acceptance programme to evaluate new LTE devices prior to market launch, helping to improve the end-user experience and customer satisfaction. Anite’s solutions furthermore contribute to reducing the mobile operator’s testing costs and time to market. Device manufacturers also benefit from this new solution during the R&D process, helping to ensure that their devices meet the operator’s challenging performance requirements.

Performance testing in a lab-based environment replicates ‘real-world’ conditions and scenarios. Precise, automated and repeatable, it enables device attributes such as data throughput, impact of signalling and audio quality to be cost-effectively measured and optimised. This enables operators, as well as device and chipset manufacturers, to be more confident that their product will meet end-user expectations.

The validated solution is designed around SAS (Anite’s interoperability test solution) and utilises the channel emulation capability of the Anite 9000 platform. Such an approach provides customers (including those using TD-LTE technology) with a cost-effective software upgrade to their existing solution, based on the Anite 9000 platform. As a result, customers are able to conduct data performance testing on an integrated single system as part of the overall device acceptance testing programme.

“The validation of Anite’s new data performance testing solution by a leading North American mobile operator clearly demonstrates confidence in Anite’s performance testing solutions”, says Paul Beaver, Products Director at Anite.

For more information about Anite’s performance testing solutions, please see Anite’s website

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