MENA telecom regulatory agency deploys Procera ScoreCard to measure QoE for national service providers

Coincides with Procera launching compliance solutions set, enabling operators to meet new regulations worldwide

Fremont, Calif., 27 June 2017 – Millions of subscribers in the MENA region can now measure the quality of their fixed and mobile broadband service thanks to Procera Networks. The move follows a national regulatory agency in the Middle East deploying Procera Networks’ ScoreCard technology to monitor the performance and service quality delivered by service providers in its home market.

ScoreCard grades each service provider on throughput, latency, and packet loss for all broadband traffic to fully assess the network quality delivered for subscribers. ScoreCard thereby makes it easier for consumers and businesses to better understand what level of service to expect from different providers, and allows regulators to benchmark service providers.

“Consumers and businesses looking for the best broadband service available to them in any given market often turn to the local regulator for advice on what service would best suit their needs,” said Alexander Havang, CTO of Procera Networks. “Using ScoreCard, telecoms regulators can better inform the market, providing end-users with more clarity on the level of service they can expect from the various incumbents. It reports the actual quality delivered by broadband operators with a passive, virtual deployment that can scale to tens of millions of subscribers.”

Details of the MENA regulatory deployment include:

  • The regulatory agency is deploying ScoreCard across the network footprint of all service providers in the country to measure the quality and delivery of broadband.
  • The overall quality of the subscriber experience is measured and fed back to a centrally deployed Procera Engineering Insights system that indicates the performance of each service provider.
  • No Personally Idenitfiable Information (PII) is collected.
  • The regulator is using the network quality scores from ScoreCard to advise operators on where network performance needs to be improved.
  • ScoreCard also identifies the root cause of quality degradation when it arises.

The MENA deployment coincides with the launch of Procera’s service provider compliance solutions set. The solutions have been designed to help operators around the world comply with changing broadband service regulations, easing the transition needed to implement new infrastructure in line with new regulations.

The solutions will also give operators a better picture of how they’re being ranked on performance by telecoms regulators:

  • ScoreCard QoE monitoring: helping telecom regulators to monitor the quality of broadband services delivered by fixed, mobile, and Wi-Fi operators.
  • Regualatory traffic blocking: Using Procera’s network intelligence technology to restrict traffic from unauthorized applications for security or safety regulations.
  • Data retention: Tools to help operators drastically reduce storage requirements through the selective retention of broadband data based on government regulations.
  • URL filtering: Blocking illegal content through URL blacklists and categories, taking advantage of regulatory lists like the Internet Watch Foundation blacklist.

The new solutions take advantage of Procera’s network intelligence technology heritage to deliver more than 100 use cases for operators. Procera offers virtualized versions of these solutions that can reduce cost and generate revenue for the operator, improving the ROI for a compliance solution deployment.

“Operators are seeking new ways of adapting to rapidy changing broadband regulations worldwide while still adding the value needed to bolster their bottom line,” said Lyn Cantor, President and CEO of Procera Networks. “They need flexible solutions to make this work. Procera has seen demand for solutions built on our network intelligence technology grow at a double-digit revenue pace over the last 12 months as a result.”

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