Mimosa increases network capacity for internet provider Joink

Indiana-based internet service provider harnesses Mimosa B11 backhaul radios for improved network speed and performance

Santa Clara, CA – DEC 14, 2016 – Mimosa, the leader in cloud-managed, fiber-fast wireless networks, today announced that Joink LLC has selected its backhaul radios to increase network capacity for its broadband internet service, which connects over 1,400 clients across the rural American Midwest.

Joink is a leading technology and internet service provider, delivering connectivity to business and residential customers in West Central Indiana and Central Illinois. With its business growing rapidly, it urgently needed to expand network capacity to provide an increasing number of customers with super-fast internet connectivity.

After consideration of the backhaul solutions available, Joink selected Mimosa’s B11 backhaul radios. The radios are designed for the modern era of internet usage, adapting to variable downstream and upstream requirements across a network, whilst maximising spectrum usage. They deliver low-latency, high-bandwidth connectivity, with aggregate speeds of 1.5Gbps.

An important part of the Joink network upgrade involved replacing 13 legacy radios which operate in the unlicensed spectrum, with the Mimosa B11, which operates in the licensed spectrum (10 – 11.7GHz). The licensed spectrum is preferred for radio backhaul, due to its increased reliability and efficient use of the spectrum.

In addition to replacing the unlicensed links, Joink upgraded an existing licensed 11GHz link with a Mimosa B11 radio, as it offered superior performance and value. The network has now been improved so that 85% of Joink’s subscribers are no more than one unlicensed backhaul radio from a Mimosa B11 radio. This ensures that they receive the best possible internet connection available, wherever they are located in the region.

Josh Zuerner, President and CEO at Joink said, “After installing the Mimosa backhaul radios, we immediately saw increased throughput across the network. We were able to triple previous capacity, and overall performance increased dramatically.”

To install the links, Joink used Mimosa’s Design Tool, which aids in the planning and coordination of Mimosa radios. “The Mimosa Design Tool enabled us to efficiently plan where the new Mimosa radios could be installed,” said Brian Gray, Joink’s Connectivity Manager. “It offers rapid access to the FCC Universal Licencing System database, to assess surrounding backhaul links, ensuring there is no disruption to any other radio signals in the area.”

Mimosa has taken the guesswork out of aiming the radio antenna links, by adding 2.4GHz Wi-Fi inside the radio, which can turn any smartphone into a sophisticated aiming tool. Subsequently, Joink found the B11 radios easy to deploy alongside other technology in the network. The slim, robust design of the B11 backhaul radios reduces possible service interruptions caused by weather, whilst providing reliable data transmission even when connected to long fiber cables.

“The Mimosa B11 is the only radio on the market that offers the dependability, features and performance we required, at a price we could afford,” added Gray.

Jaime Fink, Co-Founder and CPO at Mimosa Networks said, “Our B11 backhaul radios have delivered the capacity that Joink required to service its business and residential customers. They require high throughput for online applications such as video conferencing, streaming video and gaming, and the B11 has enabled Joink to deliver this. Mimosa has proved that it can help service providers managed demand for high-capacity internet connectivity, as they look to support next-generation internet applications.”

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