launches ‘Shared API’ for app collaboration on iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry and beyond

London, 22nd May, 2013 –, a provider of cloud based back end infrastructure for app developers on all platforms, today launched Shared API (Application Programming Interface) to help bridge the gap between apps. This enables better collaboration and sharing of data to enhance the consumer experience.

Shared API was developed after founder Stefano Buliani attended a Meetup in London. “When I checked in at the venue with FourSquare, what I really wanted to happen was for the app to communicate with Meetup to tell it we were at the venue. At the time, it didn’t and as mobile is all about connectivity, we decided to do something about it.”

With apps interacting at a deeper level, Shared API sends messages from one app to another, triggering the required action. Shared API creates a truly RESTful layer of APIs for any app, enabling other developers to build on top of the existing platform.

Martijn Koopman, founder of app development company iMKapps, says “ has provided fast and accurate support and exactly the right information on a technical level, which is so important for me as a developer. I’m really looking forward to the functionality that Shared API will help us deliver.”

Buliani adds, “A thousand new apps are submitted ever day to the Apple Store alone and Google Play is catching up fast. With an expanding developer community, the possibilities for collaboration and cross-promotion between complementary apps are as big as people’s imaginations.

“The challenge for start-ups with limited resources is that they are hamstrung by backend development being a completely different skillset from mobile development and quite costly. We have simplified the process with open source frameworks for all mobile platforms allowing greater flexibility for mobile app developers and made it a lot cheaper in the process.”

To give developers the best experience possible, has partnered with Open Source mobile software company MoSync. CTO and Co-founder of MoSync Alex Jonsson comments, “Simplicity is fundamental to opening up app development to a new breed of developers and has lowered the complexity threshold – demystifying web skills to help people create innovative apps in no time at all. Shared API is going to be hugely beneficial to our user-base and I can’t wait to see what new ideas they come up with!”

To access a demo account, go to and log in as:

Username: demoaccount

Password: cb_demo,1!

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Launched in July 2012, is a backend as a service (BaaS) solution that manages the entire backend stack of a mobile application leaving developers free to do what they do best; build mobile applications. Initial sign up is free while developers build the application, who can then launch full-featured apps in minutes without ever worrying about server management for as little as $11.99 a month. Maintenance and scaling of the backend infrastructure includes push notifications, database management and mobile analytics. supports every mobile platform, including iOS, Android, Windows 8 Mobile, Blackberry JDE, Blackberry 10, MoSync, JavaScript, PHP, REST APIs and is ready for the mobile web with full Tizen and Firefox OS support.


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