OpenCloud Frees Operators from ‘Vendor Lock-in’ and Drives Competitive Innovation with RhinoMarket

CAMBRIDGE, UK – June 11th, 2014 – OpenCloud, the telecoms software innovator, has today unveiled RhinoMarket to provide a bridge between its network operator customers and the global developer community. Through RhinoMarket operators that have deployed OpenCloud Rhinowill have access to a community of independent developers that create applications and customised solutions for telecoms networks.

RhinoMarket is an open forum for developers to showcase network-based applications to operators. In turn, operators can access a pool of developers with whom they can form commercial partnerships.

Network and service innovation has been stifled for many years. Due to the deployment of closed, proprietary solutions, operators have become dependent on vendors to deliver technological innovation. Operators often face long lead times and high costs for vendor developed innovation that is then also delivered to competing networks. This has resulted in a lack of competitive differentiation.

OpenCloud helps operators break out of this cycle. Its Rhino products provide customers with a suite of open solutions that can be accessed, and adapted, by the operator and any third party developer of their choice. With the Rhino platform and access to independent developers through RhinoMarket cost-effective differentiation is now within the grasp of operators. 

Mark Windle, head of marketing at OpenCloud, explained: “OpenCloud exists to help network operators embrace change. The launch of RhinoMarket demonstrates OpenCloud’s commitment to the principle that operators need, and deserve, the ability to take greater control of their network and service evolution.

“Operators want to provide more than ‘commodity’ services and they want more freedom to develop unique, innovative services. Open solutions and an independent developer ecosystem provide a competitive means for them to differentiate and retain market share. RhinoMarket promotes this model by enabling our customers to connect with an open, free market of skill and ideas. It opens the door to innovation and greater independence from vendors.” 

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