Operators Turn to Tektronix Communications to Monetize the Mobile Data Explosion

Tektronix Communications Awarded More than 50% of LTE Monitoring Opportunities Worldwide

Barcelona, Spain, February 28, 2012 –Tektronix Communications, the leading provider of customer experience, network, and service assurance solutions, has secured the LTE market leadership position, partnering with more than 15 key tier one and tier two operators globally. By leveraging the Company’s success in 3G rollouts around the world, Tektronix Communications is uniquely positioned within the market to support the full LTE technology lifecycle from early testing in the labs to full network wide deployment, allowing operators to better manage, optimize and monetize their networks.

“By working with Tektronix Communications, leading operators around the world have achieved first to market advantages to achieve operational and commercial readiness for LTE from a single supplier,” said Lyn Cantor, President Tektronix Communications. “Our solutions have enabled them to uncover new customer and revenue opportunities and at the same time minimize their infrastructure and deployment costs as the need to assure the customer experience and deliver personalized services continues to grow.”

Helping Operators Achieve Operational Readiness

Operators deploying LTE networks need to have solutions that work across multiple technology domains such as EUTRAN, EPC, IMS and VoLTE. The breadth and depth of Tektronix Communications’ portfolio across these domains enables operators to address key LTE issues now as part of initial market roll-out, or in the future, as their business and customer needs evolve. As one of the first to deploy LTE networks in the United States, Tektronix Communications was chosen by Verizon Wireless to provide a LTE network-wide solution that increased visibility into IP service uptake, usage and quality, and the network’s ability to deliver these IP services. To read the full Verizon Wireless press release, click here.

For evolved packet core networks, Tektronix Communications’ unique LTE solution supports the most critical LTE protocols for access, core, data, IMS and EVDO for complete end-to-end correlation from the Uu to the SGi interfaces. With complete end-to-end control and user plane visibility across multiple technologies, Tektronix Communications solutions and services can help carriers maximize return on their invested assets.

For LTE access networks, the Company has deployed the award-winning K2Air LTE monitoring probes, which support lab tests, live network troubleshooting and optimization, and quickly identify root causes, allowing operators to improve cell capacity or deal with smartphone signaling storm issues. In order to help accelerate its LTE rollout and achieve first-mover advantages, a leading tier one operator in Europe awarded Tektronix Communications with a multimillion dollar contract to help reduce network and handset compliance and troubleshooting issues. To read the full press release, click here.

Monetizing the LTE Mobile Data Experience

Driven by the demand for connected devices, new applications and availability of services anytime, anywhere, the volume and types of data moving across networks today are growing exponentially. In addition, over the top (OTT) applications are consuming invaluable bandwidth that could be used for revenue-generating services. With this huge surge in data traffic and applications, operators need to be able to monetize this traffic, but to do so, require unique visibility into the makeup and usage of the data itself.

Tektronix Communications is directly addressing this issue with its Deep Packet Classification (DPC) capability that is embedded in their probes allowing key decisions to be made to prevent revenue leaks, unlock shared advertising revenue opportunities, minimize performance impacts and ultimately increase the average margin per user. With this capability, operators have a unique view of the consumption and quality of the ‘data pipe’ as experienced by individual customers and devices allowing them to develop tiered pricing models based on actual subscriber usage trends. In addition, using an application called DataEngage, part of the touchpoint ™ customer experience solution, operators can classify services according to the handset type, providing unique intelligence to marketing, customer care and operations teams.

“Tektronix Communications has a broad portfolio of 2G/3G/4G network monitoring products that span the signalling, user plane and network analytics domains” said Patrick Kelly, Research Director at Analysys Mason. “This cross domain capability enables Tektronix Communications to translate network data into business impacting decisions to help operators monitor and act on specific business use cases. This includes revenue roaming optimization, bill shock, speed boost offers and network quality of service to reduce churn.”

With its complete portfolio of solutions and services that simplify network complexity, Tektronix Communications is uniquely suited to assure the personalization of each customer’s experience as operators migrate to LTE and 4G networks. Unlike other players in the industry, Tektronix Communications gives operators the ability to use customer insight in order to optimize their networks and monetize their business. To learn more about how Tektronix Communications can help operators win in the LTE turn, click here.


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