Ori opens up the network edge for business with DNA

New mobile edge computing platform unlocks commercial opportunities for network

operators and service creators

London, UK, SEPT 5th 2018Ori, the network edge enabler, has announced that its on-demand mobile edge computing platform, DNA, is available for pilot projects with network operators and developers. As the industry’s first public platform that opens up the network edge for access to third party and internal developers, mobile operators now have the potential to unlock new revenue streams and commercial opportunities.

By creating a virtual service layer across telecoms networks, DNA can help identify and harness available compute power and capacity at network edge points, which can support a specific service or application. Developers in areas such as video content, IoT, telephony and messaging, can use DNA to define the geography of a new service, then automate the deployment across those specific edge points. They can monitor the in-life health of a service, track billing and customer usage, and scale it on-demand.

“In the last decade, two major developments have changed the way we connect: the rise of cloud computing and the introduction of 4G networks. Many OTT players have benefited from these advances, using telco networks to deliver their communications services over the internet. However, mobile operators have suffered from this competition, losing service revenue to these disruptive players,” commented Mahdi Yahya, CEO at Ori. “Mobile edge computing is set to rebalance the scales.”

“As applications and services become more immersive, 5G networks are required to bring a new form of application deployment, harnessing compute power at the network edge. Mobile operators have the opportunity to monetise their network assets through mobile edge computing and play a major role in a future that will bring us driverless cars, immersive communication and smart cities. Ori welcomes operators and developers to partner with us to explore how 5G network capabilities and service innovation can be driven by mobile edge computing,” Yahya finished.

Kostantinos Katsaros, 5G Technologist at Digital Catapult, added: “The value of edge computing is huge. It is key to unlocking the full potential of next-generation 5G mobile networks and offers enormous benefits, from reducing latency to improving security and providing contextual awareness to applications and services.

“Identifying the best ways to use the edge without compromising the integrity of shared network infrastructure is still challenging. Ori is playing a major role in helping to realise these benefits and we’re looking forward to opportunities to collaborate in the future.”

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