Xmas baubles

Part II: All I want for Christmas…is tech!

Following the success of last week’s blog, we’ve collated a few more of Babel’s tech must-haves for Part II of our tech wish list. Santa, if you can hear us:

Dan: “This Christmas I’d like a Google Home speaker, for two reasons: one, I am lazy, and two, I am a big fan of the technology.

“As a true millennial, I do not own a radio, so one of the main appeals of Google Home is being able to turn on the radio by saying ‘Morning Google, could you turn on Radio 6 please and let me know if it’s going to rain today?’

“Arguably, I could just buy a radio and an umbrella, but where would be the fun in that?”

Sophie: “I’m not usually one for over ear headphones but I recently tried Bowers & Wilkins’ latest noise cancelling wireless headphones and I have to say they’re pretty groovy. With built-in sensors, they react cleverly to your behaviour. If you remove the headphones, they’ll pause the music and only play it again once you’ve put them back on your ears, entering stand-by mode in the meantime to save battery (not that you’d need it with a 22-hour battery life!)

“The headphones also have different modes, activated depending on where you are. These include a flight mode that blocks out all noise, and city mode for reducing outside sounds whilst keeping you aware of your surroundings. There’s even an office mode that limits background chatter but allows you to tune into neighbouring discussions if needed (there’d be no excuse for me ignoring other Babelites in the office!)

“At a whopping £329, I’m really hoping I am on Santa’s ‘nice’ list this Christmas!”

Katie: “As a long-suffering Southern Rail commuter, for Christmas I would love my very own autonomous vehicle – although Santa would have to really work his magic here as they’re still a couple of years from the tarmac!

“Instead of being driven round the bend by train delays and cancellations, I could be driven in style by my shiny new car. My new commute would be far from exhausting, and I’d have a wheely good time on my journey into our central London office each morning…”

Ed: “Quite frankly, I’m getting ‘snowboard’ of being put to shame by French youngsters whizzing past me on the slopes. Santa, could you ‘Alp’ me rediscover the fearlessness of my youth and prevent me from injuring myself by bringing me a Poc Spine VPD 2.0 Airbag Vest for Christmas this year? If you could throw in a skiing holiday so I can actually go next year too, that would be hugely ‘apres-ciated’.”

It certainly looks like Santa’s got his work cut out for Babel this year!

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