Polkomtel, Orange and T-Mobile at the Forefront of OTT Fight-back

OpenCloud platform powering innovative ecosystem driving service innovation and technical talent

Cambridge, UK – 11th July 2012 – Telecoms software innovator OpenCloud today announced its independent, open-standards based, technology is enabling an alliance of Polish operators, third party developers and academic institutions to deliver the innovation needed to address the growing competition posed by Over The Top (OTT) providers.

Open development of mobile device apps has led to an enormous volume and variety of products becoming available via the App Store and the Android Market. However, these device-side apps generate little incremental revenue for mobile operators. Yet, the success of these apps demonstrates the power of enabling innovation from the independent developer community. Mobile operators are able to benefit from this model also – but in a different way. To counter the threat from OTT players, and boost their revenues, operators need innovation within the network and not just in device apps. However, delivering innovation in the core network has, historically, been an expensive and slow process. A case study from OpenCloud demonstrates that by deploying an open service layer within the core network, and leveraging the talent of a wide community of developers, operators can benefit from innovation that is both inexpensive and rapid.

The Polish initiative is driving telecoms innovation through an ‘ecosystem’ which includes incumbent operators Orange, T-Mobile and Polkomtel, local developers and academic institutions, creating innovative new telecoms services with OpenCloud’s open service layer solutions. The OpenCloud case study outlines this unique project – and the benefits it is producing for the Polish mobile market.

This collaboration is ensuring accelerated deployment of innovative and low cost communication services; developed within an open environment with a healthy balance between cooperation and competition. This telecoms service development model has delivered a range of benefits to those involved; including a sharper competitive edge for developer organisations, commercially aligned education for technical students and cost effective, market-relevant, service innovation to help operators enhance declining revenues and mitigate the competitive threat of OTT players.

“Operators are rising to the challenge posed by OTT providers and our platform is playing an active role in helping them to achieve this.” said Jeff Gordon, CEO of OpenCloud. “Our open-standards based technology is helping forward looking operators, developers and academic institutions establish a new mind set for service innovation in telecoms. The OpenCloud-enabled ecosystem is delivering rapid, low cost innovation to bolster operator revenues; and genuine openness helps widen the pool of talent and experience, which will encourage further advances in the field of telecoms services.”

The case-study is available for free download from: www.OpenCloud.com


About OpenCloud (www.opencloud.com)

OpenCloud delivers open, standards-based network transformation solutions to the telecommunications industry. OpenCloud Next Generation Service Layer products enable the agile delivery of classic and telco2.0 telecommunication services at a dramatically lower price-point across next generation IP and legacy networks. OpenCloud provides Rhino, a JAIN SLEE-based Telecom Application Server, together with a portfolio of hundreds of telecom applications, a Telecom Service Broker, and a real-time charging session control point for data, voice and messaging services. OpenCloud Service Layer products use commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware and software to deliver service layer agility to networks at a radically lower price-point than traditional solutions from network equipment providers.

OpenCloud is headquartered in Cambridge, UK with R&D, Engineering and Support in New Zealand and Spain and branch offices in the Singapore and Jakarta.

Visit https://developer.opencloud.com to join OpenCloud’s growing developer community.

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