Innovative Anite Device Test Solution Accelerates VoLTE Products

Fleet, Hampshire, UK – 27th of September – Anite, a global leader in wireless device testing technology, today announced that its development, conformance and interoperability device testing solutions support Voice over LTE (VoLTE), adopting an innovative approach that improves test efficiency and accelerates new VoLTE devices to market.

The Anite VoLTE device testing solution resides on an in-house developed IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) platform, independent of any third party provider, which leads to a more efficient and flexible solution for users, who include device and chipset manufacturers, and mobile operators.

Voice is still a major revenue generator for most global operators. VoLTE has received widespread backing in the telecoms industry as the technology for voice on LTE networks. As different operators are choosing to implement VoLTE in different ways, it is essential for device and chipset manufacturers to fully test the underlying air interface protocols in order to achieve the necessary QoS (Quality of Service) for VoLTE calls. Operators will also need to rigorously test the VoLTE capable devices to ensure they perform as expected in real-life situations and a high end user experience is maintained, both in terms of voice quality and features, such as emergency calls and SMS over their LTE network.

VoLTE testing will be performed from the early stages of R&D right up until launch. For developers and test engineers interested in testing VoLTE and SRVCC (Single Radio Voice Call Continuity) to meet both 3GPP and operator-specific standards, Anite’s independent and flexible platform enables users to customise their tests in a simulated network environment, ensuring functionality is optimally implemented. This results in quick and effective device qualification, helping to assure a high level of end user satisfaction.

“Anite is proud to announce the availability of our highly innovative VoLTE solution, which enables us to retain a high degree of flexibility and control in our solutions and roadmap, ensuring that we can quickly meet customers’ requirements,” said Paul Beaver, Products Director of Anite. “Anite’s unrivalled leadership and expertise in protocol testing is the cornerstone of our VoLTE solution.”

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