CETECOM selects Anite to increase LTE test system capacity

Fleet, Hampshire, UK – September 18, 2012 – CETECOM, one of the world’s leading test laboratories, has selected Anite, a global leader in wireless device testing technology, to expand their test system capacity, in order to meet an increased demand for LTE device testing. This recent purchase of Anite LTE systems for both conformance and interoperability testing further strengthens the close partnership CETECOM and Anite have enjoyed for over fifteen years.

Due to LTE’s rapid growth, device manufacturers are having to pass an increasing number of test cases to achieve GCF certification. Anite is responsible for the verification of over 80% of the circa 460 LTE Release-8 protocol tests and offers the greatest number of unique GCF validated test cases. This leading test case coverage was a key factor in CETECOM’s selection of Anite’s solutions to increase its LTE test system capacity.

The Anite equipment will be installed at CETECOM’s facility in Essen Germany. However, Anite’s unique ‘floating license’ model enables CETECOM to flexibly share access to Anite’s LTE device testing software and hardware across their global locations; removing the need to purchase licenses for multiple locations. The majority of CETECOM’s customers, which include the world’s leading chipset and device manufacturers, are already using Anite’s solutions for device pre-certification testing. This synergy was a significant contributing factor in CETECOM’s decision to select Anite to enhance their test system capacity.

“In the process of certifying new devices, consistency of test equipment across the device ecosystem offers significant advantages, as it ensures a quicker and smoother acceptance process,” said Paul Beaver, Products Director at Anite. “We are very pleased to continue to support CETECOM. Their worldwide accredited testing facilities offer state-of-the-art testing services, approved certification and independent consulting for the telecommunications and information technology industries.”

“As a long standing partner of CETECOM, Anite offers leading LTE test case coverage, which made them a preferred choice in meeting this surge in demand for comprehensive LTE device testing,” said Thorsten Stabenau, Director of Corporate Marketing and Sales at CETECOM.

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