Tektronix Communications expands AIS Thailand relationship to provide end-to-end monitoring & assurance for new 3G network

THAILAND, June 16, 2014 – Tektronix Communications today announced that it has been selected as the provider of monitoring & assurance solutions to optimize network performance and quality for Thailand’s market-leading operator, AIS.  This announcement follows the company’s successful acquisition of the UMTS license at the end of 2013.

Building on its existing relationship with AIS having monitored voice on the 2G circuit-switch network dating back to 2009, Tektronix Communications was able to demonstrate the benefits of its full-service, end to end monitoring and assurance portfolio, to optimize performance as the operator rolls out its new 3G network.

Specifically, AIS has tasked Tektronix Communications with helping it achieve three key goals, namely to help Network Operations teams gain deep visibility of the handover between 3G and 2G networks, to provide Planning teams the network intelligence required to rollout the new 3G infrastructure, and to generate new opportunities for Marketing to monetize the data that flows through the network.

In Phase 1 of the project, Tektronix Communications will monitor pure voice and VoIP session traffic across all parts of the core network using its Iris Session Analyzer and Iris Packet Inspector solutions.

Furthermore, given the importance of Thailand’s growing tourism industry, Tektronix Communications will also monitor and analyze inbound roaming data via its RIA solution.

A small pilot will also be carried out for monitoring AIS’ Radio Access Network.

Commenting on today’s announcement, Mike Ropicky, VP Asia Pacific Sales for Tektronix Communications commented:  “We are delighted to have been confirmed as the monitoring and assurance partner for AIS at this exciting time in the company’s evolution. 

“Technology turns are naturally and typically unpredictable periods in an Operator’s growth cycle.  However, with close end to end monitoring and the resulting actionable intelligence, these challenges can be avoided, and our goal is to help AIS maintain its quality of experience and service, to delight and surprise its subscribers as it rolls its 3G offering.”

“Multiple stakeholders within AIS, from network operations and planning to marketing and business teams, stand to gain great benefit from the new level of network intelligence our solutions will provide, and we look forward to helping AIS harness and create value from the rich data that exists within its network.”

Mr. Wichian Mektrakarn of AIS, Thailand commented:  “As the market leading mobile telecoms operator in Thailand, AIS is committed to providing the highest levels of network quality and customer experience possible. 

“We are pleased to confirm our ongoing partnership with Tektronix Communications to enhance our new 3G network roll out whilst ensuring an excellent and seamless experience for our customers as we release exciting new services and products to them.

“We also recognize the benefits of using the performance data we will collect to make smart CAPEX decisions and increase ROI as we invest heavily in deploying infrastructure across the new network.”

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