Tektronix Communications empowers corporate account managers with market-first Corporate Account Management (CAM) solution

London, 20 June, 2013, Tektronix Communications, the world’s first full-service telecoms intelligence provider, today announced the launch of its market-first Corporate Account Management (CAM) software solution, aimed at helping corporate account managers gain deep insight into the performance of their accounts and the experience of individual corporate account subscribers. This level of timely and structured customer insight to the Corporate customers use of data, locations, devices and performance across multiple mobile technologies, from a single view, will help the account manager to reduce churn, drive new cross-sell and up-sell opportunities as well as better positioning to win new corporate accounts.

The value of the enterprise mobility segment is expected to grow twice as fast as the consumer segment over the next five years, reaching $340 billion by 2017. Enterprise revenues represent 30% of the mobile services market. Corporate accounts are often characterized by several thousand individual subscribers and devices per account, with 61% of global enterprises now support company owned smartphones and tablets. The potential churn of corporate accounts therefore represents a serious risk factor for all operators; the loss of even a single large account due to performance issues can account for substantial drop in revenue, not to mention the risk of reputational and brand damage due to the large number of subscribers involved.

Addressing these concerns, Tektronix Communication’s new CAM solution provides tools that meet the real-life challenges faced by corporate account managers every day.

By providing customer-centric view of all the Corporate Customer’s devices, including VIP’s, the Account Manager has a laser sharp one-stop-shop viewpoint, with the ability to group accounts into regions, segments or business units. The CAM solution’s easy-to-use dashboards empower the non-technical account manager to schedule reports on performance across a range of parameters (voice, data, SMS, device & VIP subscribers). This enables pre-emptive internal troubleshooting, before issues become noticeable by users or mission critical.

And importantly, the CAM solution removes the account manager’s traditional reliance on complex technical data requested from busy network engineers, a perennial pain-point for both sides, which typically results in confusion, sub-optimal issues resolution and unacceptable end-user experience. With the CAM solution, these challenges are replaced by simple, streamlined, near real-time data being presented in a meaningful and useful format, delivered direct to the account manager’s screen.

The CAM solution also arms the account manager with comprehensive information for regular customer updates and the power to address customer queries and concerns with first-hand authority. And from a commercial perspective the CAM solution also helps account managers identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities. For example, an account may be experiencing performance degradation due purely to a group of outdated or malfunctioning handsets, which the account manager can use as an opportunity for upgrades and contract renewals.

Operators are also able to use the CAM solution to offer a differentiated added-value service for enterprise marketing and new business purposes, with the promise of the account manager’s ongoing personal attention to account performance.

A variety of visual management tools are built into the CAM solution interface to support each of these use cases. Simple to use and highly configurable, the multi layered dashboards are equipped with historic date and time referencing for the whole account or individual handsets, helping account managers drill down to the real-time specifics of an issue, and quickly paint a comprehensive picture of the real-life customer experience at an individual, group or account level. A further layer of map views help account managers monitor network coverage and identify individual cell issues within account-relevant locations such as the customer’s head office and operations centers. And a selection of reports equip the account manager with timely data to share with the customer, or use internally to address, escalate and fix network problems, in line with the real-life needs of their corporate customers.

The CAM solution software also contains multiple menus displaying the health status across all technology layers within the network (2G, 3G & LTE) for voice, data and SMS usage. This combines to provide a rich, multi-dimensional impression of performance issues affecting corporate account subscribers giving the account manager pinpoint accuracy in anticipating and overcoming problems. The new CAM solution operates in conjunction with Tektronix Communication’s existing network monitoring and customer care solutions such as the widely deployed touchpointTM solution, and provides the ability to link through to the CQM customer care module to drill down even further into specific issues.

And with highly flexible configuration (including allowing easy configuration of key labels to allow customers to regionalize for their language) for any one subscriber, it is possible to pull up multiple data sets including any element being monitored by touchpointTM.

Commenting on today’s launch, Suvash Biswas, Tektronix Communications’ CAM Product Line Manager commented: “The development of our CAM solution has been driven by the voice of our customer; we conducted substantial research to identify and understand the unique challenges and opportunities corporate account managers are exposed to in the enterprise sector. We look forward to the CAM solution being a game changer for the Operator’s Account managers, to drive improvements in the Customer Experience, delight their key corporate Customers and win new Accounts. The current pain-points associated with collecting corporate account performance data, becoming a thing of the past. ”

The CAM solution will also address the massive growth and specific needs of the machine-to-machine segment, as well as offering substantial value to the CMO office in terms of deep insight into the mobile behavior of corporate accounts and their subscribers.

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