Tektronix Communications Manages Revenue Drain From Over-the-Top Content

Dublin, Ireland, May 22, 2012 –Tektronix Communications, the leading provider of customer experience, network test and service assurance solutions, today announced its Deep Packet Classification (DPC) solution, which enables operators to clearly understand what services are consuming the valuable network bandwidth on a per subscriber basis enabling them to protect and maximize their revenue-generating potential.

As new over-the-top (OTT) services and applications erode the operator’s traditional revenue streams, it is critical for the operator to understand which services, devices and customers are driving this change in order to protect against revenue drain, in addition to identifying new opportunities to go after and monetize.

“Today’s operators require deep insight into the data that is flowing through their network to truly understand subscriber consumption and experience,” said Freddie Kavanagh, Vice President and General Manager Applications Solutions Business at Tektronix Communications. “Our DPC solution offers the customer insight and depth of network analysis with the ability to capture information on a per-subscriber as well as a per-segment basis, providing operators with the critical information they need to optimize their service mix and to strategically set price points.”

Tektronix Communications’ DPC offers best-in-breed data services classification across the Company’s award-winnning suite of network, service and customer assurance applications. This capability provides real-time visibility of consumption and Quality of Experience on a per-customer basis to sales and marketing, and real-time visibility of resource consumption and network utilization to engineering and operations.

With unmatched levels of scalability to support rapidly increasing technology and network complexity, and flexibility to maintain the increasing sophistication of operator services offerings and tariffing, Tektronix Communication’s DPC capability delivers real-time insight with extensive granularity for all geographic profiles, ultimately enabling operators to better monetize their networks and combat the threat of OTT services.

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About Tektronix Communications
Tektronix Communications provides communication service providers and equipment manufacturers around the world an unparalleled suite of customer experience, assurance and test solutions for fixed, mobile and converged multi-service networks. This comprehensive set of solutions and services support a range of architectures and applications such as LTE, HSPA, 3G, IMS, mobile broadband, VoIP and triple play. Tektronix Communications is headquartered in Plano, Texas.

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