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With H1 now behind us, many brands are refining plans for the second half of the year. For those with expansion on their mind, this can mean taking their brand communications international. But to do this well, you need to select the right partner.

Babel has always had a strong global PR presence. Whether it’s delivering a launch in Japan, sharing ground-breaking news with influencers in Africa, or rolling out regional media relations campaigns in Europe and North America, we’ve been responsible for managing brand communications across global markets for well over a decade.

PR partners you can trust

What’s the secret to delivering successful PR and communications programmes on a global scale? A backbone of handpicked, like-minded local experts that form a robust and reliable network of trusted partners for international campaigns. These local agencies and consultants should be able to both work together in harmony, and also solo, all the while ensuring that campaign output is of a high standard, and that a client’s messaging and positioning corresponds with local markets without deviating from global branding. The old cliché of ‘think globally, act locally’ almost certainly applies here.

At Babel, we have always taken pride in the fact that we’re able to clearly position our clients in terms of their category and target market, ensuring they stand apart from their competitors and their messages resonate with customers. This is something we have replicated time and time again across international markets by working closely with our partners and affiliates. We equip them with the content and messaging they need to drive campaigns in their domestic markets. This, combined with the local intelligence they provide, creates a winning formula that allows our clients to succeed in different markets worldwide.

The art of international PR success

Implementing a strategic communications programme across multiple geographies is no mean feat. Neither is trying to coordinate a network of agencies based in different countries, all speaking different languages and all dealing with influencers that have very different requirements. The art of delivering a unified and seamless programme lies in putting together a network of partners that are passionate about their clients, have relevant domain expertise and are committed to producing high-quality results. Babel has always gone to great pains to select the right agencies in each market to support our clients.

Content that works

Cultural and language differences aside, knowing what works and what doesn’t work in specific markets is absolutely key to running a successful international PR programme. For example, what might constitute an important announcement in one country, may be treated with indifference in another. It’s essential that content and messaging is relevant to a specific market, and that the narratives and storylines developed by the PR team on behalf of the client resonate with audiences in that market. Regardless of whether the content is developed by the lead agency, operating a hub and spoke model, or by the local agencies, it needs to be current and compelling. This task is made a lot easier when the agencies are constantly collaborating and exchanging ideas. This leads to impactful content that is aligned with client messaging, giving the local campaigns the drive and energy they need to keep moving forward and delivering results.

We’re on hand to support your growth plans as you expand into new markets and geographies around the world. Feel free to drop me a line to discuss how Babel can help you cultivate your international PR strategy and help to build, and sustain your global presence.

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