Tier 1 North American Operator selects Anite’s Nemo handheld and drivetest solutions for LTE and VoLTE testing

Oulu, Finland –16th December, 2014 – Anite, a global leader in wireless network testing technology, today announced that it has closed a deal with a North American tier 1 operator for LTE and VoLTE testing. This includes Nemo Outdoor for drive testing, Nemo Handy for in-building measurements and Nemo Walker Air for indoor benchmarking.

Nemo Outdoor will primarily be used to verify LTE site turn-up, LTE and VoLTE acceptance, Network Optimization and site additions. The operator selected Anite due to its scripting flexibility – where each device supports its own script as opposed to one script for all test devices – thus allowing the maximum number of test scenarios.

Nemo Walker Air will be used for in-building testing scenarios with the added benefit of being able to use the smartphones that are part of the Nemo Walker Air system as individual handheld Nemo Handy test tools. The devices can be re-added into the Nemo Walker Air system when full scale multiple smartphone walk testing or benchmarking is required.

“LTE and VoLTE support is a given in today’s test and measurement market and we are delighted that Anite’s Nemo solutions have been selected by this leading operator. Our strong product portfolio offers multiple use cases. This, combined with our R&D expertise, enabled us to come up with the winning solution,” says Larry Smith, North America Senior Sales Director for Anite’s Network Testing Business. “Our Nemo-branded products enable customers to perform indoor and outdoor measurement and benchmarking on the latest wireless broadband technologies – ensuring that our customers get the service they require.” Larry concludes.

Nemo Outdoor is a laptop-based drive test tool for wireless network testing which supports over 280 terminals and scanning receivers from various vendors and all major network technologies. Nemo Handy is the world’s most widely used handheld measurement tool. Nemo Walker Air is a compact multi-technology solution for indoor benchmarking and measuring.

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