TV2U, SOL Telecom and CCS TV launch OTT service in Brazil

London, UK / Perth, Australia – 4th January 2018: TV2U, a global provider of OTT media services,  today announces the commercial launch of its OTT entertainment service for the region of Brazil, in collaboration with its partners SOL Telecom and CCS TV. TV2U completed full commercial deployment with the integration of the head-end at both SOL Telecom’s and CCSTV’s facilities, and the amalgamation of TV2U’s cloud -based Content Management Services.

The first service offering will consist of over 100 live channels of both premium and local content, rapidly growing to more than 250 live channels, with the addition of on-demand content for movies and TV series in the future.

The initial launch of the service will be to the customers of SOL Telecom and CCSTV, and will be followed by the national expansion of the service.

About TV2U

TV2U is a global complete entertainment platform that enables businesses, such as telecommunications companies, to quickly and easily offer streaming content to their customers. The service includes movies, television programs, karaoke content and games through an encrypted channel for enhanced copyright protection. TV2U also offers unique real-time viewership analytics to enable businesses to send highly targeted advertising to end-users to maximise their revenue streams. TV2U is changing the face of online entertainment and advertising.

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