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WHITEPAPER LAUNCH: How greentech firms can grow their brand in the year of COP26

As host of COP26, “the world is looking to Britain to deliver,” said Labour leader Keir Starmer earlier this month. “We cannot afford to miss this moment.” The UK has been trying to convince other countries to adopt more ambitious climate goals ahead of the meeting, however, the UK government is far from on-course to meet its own targets.

The government needs to do more, yet action needs to come from all stakeholders: policymakers, citizens, the tech companies creating the solutions that’ll help meet targets, the media reporting on the activities of these companies and, yes, PR agencies. After all, we’re the ones that are working with journalists and brands to ensure that important stories are told.

Starmer’s response to the situation is just one example of media interest in the global heating conversation. US climate change envoy John Kerry recently commented that “time is running out” to cut carbon emissions and tackle the climate crisis, a perspective that was picked up and will have had ramifications on a global scale.

Thanks in part to COP26, this year, politicians, NGOs and investors, as well as greentech and cleantech companies are all talking about, reporting on, promoting and debating the key issues impacting global heating, the climate emergency and the future of our planet.

As such, in the run-up to the event, Babel gathered an expert panel to discuss the role of technology in fighting climate change and how, in the year of COP26, greentech firms can raise their profile among potential customers and investors.

Chaired by Babel’s Simon Coughlin, the event featured Fiona Harvey, environment correspondent at the Guardian; Rami Reshef CEO of GenCell; and Nicolas Sauvage, president of TDK Ventures. The webinar is available to watch in full here.

Today, we’ve also launched a whitepaper, How greentech firms can grow their brand in the year of COP26, based on conversation and analysis from the event. The whitepaper examines the investment opportunity for VCs and greentech brands, including Sauvage’s essential investment criteria. Reshef shares his tips for brands wanting to get seen and heard by the media – and subsequently by potential customers and investors – and Harvey gives her do’s and don’t’s of telling an engaging, authentic, media-friendly greentech story.

Babel has vast experience of working with companies across the technology landscape, including a number of previous and current clients operating in the greentech and cleantech sector. We’ve developed strong relationships with relevant media, and also have an understanding of the green investment market. We work closely with all of our clients to develop PR campaigns that help companies tell their stories, reach their audience and deliver results.

If you’re interested in finding you how we can help you drive success – for your business and for our planet – in the year of COP26 and beyond, we’d love to hear from you.

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