Light switch

Will we need a kill switch?

They don’t get distracted by social media or the urge to write spontaneous poetry, but seriously, AI in the PR workplace?

Here’s a few stanzas of my thoughts on replacing humans with robots:


I am imagining the future, but what exactly will it hold?

Will my colleagues be replaced by AI robots from a mould?

There’s excitement in the industry,

And rumours of efficiency…

But there is no denying, a strong sense of hesitancy.


A.I., iRobot, we’ve all seen the films,

Where the once helpful robot turns around and kills.

But surely that’s not where we’re heading,

Surely, the experts are carefully treading…

So as not to create, a machine capable of meddling.


So far we’ve had Alexa, Luvo and Echo,

The Google assistant too, Siri and Ozlo.

All these products have seemed harmless enough,

(Unless of course, the WiFi signal’s been rough,

Which, in any circumstance can make functioning tough!)


But out of consumer land, into the business world I race,

Just how exactly will robots and AI change my workplace?

We all agree that they’re harder working and quick,

Never going on holiday, getting ill or sick.

(They are lacking in heart though, and a reason to tick.)


Yes, they might be able to sift through information,

They’ll eventually even be adept in creation.

But social chemistry, and an understanding of offence?

A sensitive grasp of lingo, and the ability to sway those on the fence?

What about triple checking everything before you commence?


The element of human understanding,

The dynamic processes that are demanding,

How we manipulate emotions,

And brainstorm for solutions…

These are our separators from mechanic contributions.


And even if it does happen, and AI makes an appearance,

We’ll be alert to the potential of negative interference.

A zero-tolerance approach if we get so much of an itch

Of a technological failure, disruption or glitch.

And if that does happen, we’ll just hit the kill switch..!

Written by

Senior Campaign Director

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