Christmas list

Dear Santa, all we want for Christmas at Babel…is tech!

Last Christmas, not only did I give you my heart, but I also provided you with a list of all the weird and wonderful tech the Babel team is wishing for this Christmas. This year, in my role as Chief Elf, I’ve once again asked my colleagues to share details of what they’re hoping to get from Santa…with the only condition being the item must be tech-related. Without further ado…

Dear Santa,

We have been very good at Babel this year!

We have done these nice things:

  • Secured our clients top-tier coverage in their key target media
  • Come up with creative ways to promote our clients’ messaging
  • Been supportive team players

And for Christmas this year, here’s what we would like to find under the tree:

Jo: Our self-confessed ‘crazy triathlete’ would like totally wireless high-performance earphones, from Beats by Dre, not so she can rock around the Christmas tree, but to help her zone out when she is training for her next cycle, sprint and swim competition.

Jenny: Mummy Mowat and Babel’s MD would like a ‘smart snack machine’, which would require her children to solve a challenge in order to get a snack reward. And, if Santa is feeling extra generous, could Jenny also have a gift for herself: a HIIT training app that keeps her focused, giving her count downs and motivational support.

Matt: A Boston Dynamics Spot robot. Matt would like to have a pet in London, but not feel guilty about leaving it on its own all day while at work. (Personally, I vote that he gets an actual dog that we can all enjoy in the office!)

Sarah: For our tiny but mighty fitness enthusiast, please could she have a Mirror – but not just any mirror – this is a connected device that measures your heart rate and provides expert instruction, all while you work out.

Teddy: Completely re-thinking the way hair dryers are designed, Dyson’s Supersonic hair dryer is the top of Teddy’s wish list this year! With a powerful digital motor designed to dry hair fast, and with the added bonus of intelligent heat control to protect hair from damage, it’ll be Teddy’s hair thanking you, Santa Supersonic, with a super-expensive price tag to match!

Silvia: An indoor treadmill with a built-in TV so Silvia can watch news and documentaries, whilst exercising in the comfort of her own home is what she’s after. It’s all about exercising her mind and body at the same time.

Holly: Always putting safety first, our resident cyclist – who commutes thirty minutes in and out of work every day, alongside London traffic – would like the Hövding. Allegedly the world’s safest bicycle helmet, this neck-worn collar provides up to eight times better protection than traditional bicycle helmets, according to scientific research.

Thank you, Santa!

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