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During these crazy times, it’s hard to truly switch off. Whether it’s from work, the ongoings in your household or the constant news updates – it can be hard to find some head space. Or even just some time in which conversation doesn’t revolve around COVID-19.

I myself have been struggling to wind down in the evening and find myself thinking back through my day before I go to sleep. Or suddenly waking up in the night remembering something I was meant to have done.

With this in mind, and wanting to be more open about sharing ideas to support positive wellbeing, we canvassed our wonderful team at Babel for top sleep tips, asking what helps them unwind and get some solid zzzzzzs.

    1. Chilled listening/reading – lots of votes for calming music, reading, light hearted podcasts or even Matthew McConaughey’s dulcet tones via the Calm app to distract and calm the mind.
    2. The ultimate eye mask – An eye mask can be great for keeping out the morning sunshine, or as a signal to your brain in the evening that this time is now sleep time.
    3. Herbal remedies – many of our team members are fans of essential oils (especially lavender – put a few drops on your pillow), and herbals teas Pukka’s Night Time, which help them to relax and properly wind down.
    4. Get the temperature right – having air circulating into your room can help to avoid you getting to hot. Whether that’s an open window, a fan, keeping the door ajar or just turning off the heating.
    5. Make sure you are tired – this doesn’t have to mean getting in a ton of exercise before bed: running around after the kids, doing some stretches, or heading for a post dinner walk can help ensure your body and mind are tired enough to sleep.

Now we aren’t sleep experts, but we thought this might be helpful to share from some of the team at Babel. Ultimately, it’s about creating the right environment (or whatever is ‘right’) for you.

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