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Making the most of your ad-tech story

You only have to look at the coverage of the recent Facebook scandal with Cambridge Analytica to realise that the ad-tech industry and the issues surrounding it are very much in the public domain. The way advertisers are using data is full of controversy which, of course, makes for good headlines. Facebook is a global phenomenon and one of the best-known brands on the world stage but the media frenzy surrounding it highlights just how much the press are invested in debating the role that data plays in today’s society.

The many trends and discussion points in ad-tech make it a noisy industry from a communications perspective. It can be difficult for companies to get the share of voice that they need to stand out from the competition. So how do those involved in the industry make sure they get the exposure they need?

As summer approaches and companies start to think about their PR campaigns for events like DMEXCO and ad:tech London, these are the type of questions that will be concerning many businesses in the industry. To help with some of these challenges, Babel has conducted some analysis into how the media is currently covering the ad-tech space. The research explores what the hot topics of the day are and which publications are most active in these discussions to help companies make the most of their ad-tech story. Check it out here.

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