PRs potential for fintech

Unlocking PR’s potential for fintechs

We are one week on from co-hosting the FinTech B2B Marketing CMO meetup. Joining forces with guest speaker Daniel Lanyon, Editorial Director at AltFi we dove into the Fintech stories of the year, smart PR planning and budgeting for 2024, alongside the group discussing their key learnings from 2023 and insights for planning ahead for a successful 2024. 

One participant described it as “industry therapy”, and I have to say that I agree. I came away from it feeling energised and feeling like I had a refreshed focus.

I love a list, so here are the top seven takeaways:

1) The push for profitability

It’s been a bumpy year in fintech, and whilst we are still seeing some success stories come through, all eyes are focused on the push for profitability and the next IPO watch-list. Daniel referenced Altfi’s Fintech Index, which is certainly a source to watch for tracking the performance of ‘pure play’ listed fintechs.

2) People news, regulation and partnerships 

These are the topics earning the most click-throughs for the AltFi team … everyone just loves a bit of industry movers and shakers gossip!

3) Focus on the short and long-term returns from an integrated marketing/PR campaign 

Maximise ROI by leveraging various marketing and brand elements and tactics, from PR and media relations, to Analyst Relations, social media, content marketing and events & awards.

4) PR the PR and market the marketing 

Internal communications about the value and impact of PR and marketing communications are key, to get wider teams on-board with your marketing and comms focus. Use media coverage, alongside analyst reports or content marketing such as whitepapers or blogs, as an instrument for the sales teams to engage with their active leads.  

5) Pivot the PR focus for your different audiences 

For investors it might be volume and consistency over depth, for customers it’s about thought leadership and bringing out the data impact and for lead gen it could be honing in on pain-point solving – one size doesn’t fit all!

6) Make me famous … but play it safe 

The age old problem of establishing the appetite to stretch the message, add punch vs. playing it safe, and potentially not standing out from the noise. 

7) And one point that attracted general consensus 

Considering how vast and all-reaching it is, fintech is still a niche/small world. People and partnerships are the engine that makes it run, and it’s important to find your tribe, both as fintech specialists and as marketing and comms specialists.


We’re grateful to contribute to this discussion through our membership of the Fintech B2B Marketing Community, which brings together specialist marketers from the financial services and technology industry, providing its members with a unique platform to build and grow a network of marketing professionals. 


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