Cobham Wireless

Redefining Networks


Cobham Wireless, a division of Cobham PLC, was set-up to address commercial markets and support the wider transformation of the Cobham group as it diversified into new sectors, building on its heritage in aviation and defence. The company had achieved this through a process of M&A, but it wasn’t recognized as a telecoms vendor and had no visibility in the marketplace.


Strong industry comment and corporate profiling formed the basis of a campaign to drive awareness of Cobham Wireless’ entrance into the wireless network equipment market, leveraging the capabilities and heritage of the companies it had acquired (Axell Wireless and Aeroflex). The Babel team ensured that senior executives were immediately visible to media and analysts to deliver the strategic message about market expansion. The campaign now covers EMEA and the US, and a wider content marketing remit including the development of corporate blogs and technical whitepapers.


In a short space of time Cobham Wireless has emerged as a leader in the wireless network equipment market. It is firmly established in the sector and is now expanding into vertical markets. It has become an influential voice in telecoms, providing informed opinion on a range of industry issues.