SANS Institute

Re-educating the Masses


SANS Institute is the world’s most trusted source for information security training, certification and research. For decades, the organisation’s experts, based in every corner of the world, have been training and re-training individuals in the profession of cybersecurity.

Babel was appointed to help build the organisation’s overall credibility and awareness amongst UK media, as well as with companies looking to take cybersecurity seriously and upskill their workforce in light of an ever-changing cyber threat landscape.


Tapping into the organisation’s global experts would be crucial in demonstrating SANS’ breadth of knowledge and its role in educating and retraining our current workforce to overcome the cybersecurity skills gap. Babel’s thought leadership campaign focused on a variety of tactics, including feature-length insight into security issues, quick reaction to breaking news and opinion on a variety of security-related topics.


SANS Institute is now seen as a credible, go-to resource on all things security related. Campaign results include briefings, articles and feature contributions with publications including The Economist, Forbes, the BBC, SC Magazine, Infosecurity and many more.