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The new owners of the Grand Hotel & Kurhaus, an historic Swiss hotel, needed a new website. That’s not an unusual request for Babel’s content team and the requirement to design and incorporate new image and video assets, room & restaurant booking engines and user configurable restaurant menus was not unexpected. Neither was the fact that it had to be built in English and French. What was unusual was the timescale – “Can we have it live in three weeks please?”


With no time to waste, the Babel team got to work – refining the brief, assembling existing assets, scoping new asset requirements and interviewing key members of the Grand Hotel’s team. Three weeks meant that the development of the site structure, layout, text and visuals all had to run in parallel. It’s only possible with a team working in unison guided by a structured project plan and a rigorous approvals process.


The new website launched on time and on budget, and was taking bookings almost immediately. It was a significant achievement for Babel’s specialist content development team. What resulted was a much improved website, presenting the hotel in the best possible light and driving new business opportunities for ‘La Grand Dame of the Evolène Valley’.