Ready, set, MWC! A look back on January’s coverage highlights

Although it feels as if we have just left the busy festive month of December behind us, the Babel team is now hard at work, gearing up for MWC which is fast approaching. Some of our team are starting to look forward to flying to Barcelona to attend MWC at the end of February and meet some of our clients in person. In recent weeks we have secured a lot of great pieces of coverage for our clients amongst the MWC rush, so here are just some of my top picks.

January saw client, Amdocs, join in on the conversation surrounding Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion with The Stack. This deal makes Microsoft the world’s third-biggest gaming company by revenue. Raman Abrol, CEO at Vubiquity and GM at Amdocs, commented that this acquisition is an example of companies upping the ante to attract any potential or existing subscribers. This is also a great evidence that companies are starting to gear up for the metaverse, in which gaming will play a big role. Raman also cited Amdocs’ research, which showed that 49% of people stated that they are gaming more than they did pre-pandemic.

Continuing the metaverse theme… SVP and CTO of Ciena, Steve Alexander, gave Techcrunch readers an insight into how the metaverse can be hospitable rather than a place that survives. He details the need for high-performance and affordable bandwidth to support the metaverse’s high demands. Steve then goes on to discuss the critical importance of low latency, which can be achieved through technology such as edge computing. Other crucial factors are virtual hardware and deploying infrastructure functions using virtual machine and container concepts so that they can be deployed across the network at scale and in real-time. Finally, he describes the need for the metaverse to be defined by software, allowing it to run both quickly and seamlessly.

The regional manager at TSF, Sebastian Latouille, discusses the importance of communication technologies during a crisis with Tech for Good. According to Sebastian, there is a three-hour window in which you must mobilise a response team after the report of a crisis. Without connectivity, this would be impossible, which is just one of the problems that TSF resolves. Sebastian also discusses the importance of satellite communications for this type of effective response. In addition, TSF reveals that although equipment failures are not common, they always travel with multiple versions of the same type of tech to counter any potential equipment failures.

CTO of Sonatype, Ilkka Turunen, comments on the UK government’s new cybersecurity strategy in City AM. Ilkka notes that the software that we rely upon on a day-to-day basis is full of bugs which makes us an even bigger target for cyber attacks. He concluded that the government’s new strategy fails to take into account the supply chain in public institutions’ software, which could leave the fastest growing form of cyber attacks unaddressed.

Marie-Pierre Civiel, Country Head of France and Benelux at LTI, spoke to Intelligent CXO about her personal career journey and LTI’s approach to business management. Marie-Pierre begins by discussing her 25-year long career in managerial, commercial and operational positions in major IT service companies. She also shares information about LTI’s ‘shoshin’ business philosophy. ‘Shoshin’ translates to beginner’s mind – the philosophy encourages employees to have an open-minded attitude and approach tasks as a beginner would. It is a philosophy that helps to stimulate innovation and help to provide opportunities for LTI and their clients.

And last but not least… our client Cohere Technologies featured in The Fast Mode to discuss 5G spectrum. With 5G operators spending $100 billion on 5G spectrum in 2021 alone, what they do with this spectrum will be crucial in determining their ROI. The SVP of marketing at Cohere Technologies, Ronny Haraldsvik, outlined how telcos can optimise their spectrum assets by improving the overall spectral efficiency.

And there you have it: another great month of coverage secured by the Babel team! If you would like to hear more about what we can do for you at Babel, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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