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When it comes to comms, what really helps tech companies get noticed and invited to the pitch parade?

These were the questions we mulled over in-depth as a team late last year. Truly understanding exactly what role PR and marketing communications plays in ensuring that B2B technology companies get invited to the pitch beauty parade, is continuously front of mind for us as an agency. We embrace the AMEC principles, have created our own Share of Search measurement tool, and are always hunting down the latest example of comms impact analysis and connecting it back to our work. But we felt we needed to know more.

As we know, enterprises don’t take sales decisions lightly – lengthy sales cycles, extensive stakeholder involvement and products being put under the microscope mean that technology vendors have to get the details right. But this is only if they get the chance to pitch in the first place. You might have the best product on the market, with a brilliant sales team to back it up, but if you’re not being invited to the beauty parade, it all counts for nothing.

The data on B2B purchase decisions 

To understand this challenge further and explore the key role comms plays in raising brand awareness, we commissioned research of IT decision-makers to inform our first-ever B2B Tech Barometer. It explores the many spheres of influence for IT decision-makers to consider in 2023, and what media matters most to B2B tech buyers. Alongside the data, we break down what it means for marketing and PR strategies and what tactics are best used to sway decision-makers across different industries.

Essentially it delves into the different comms routes to get noticed – discussing how to break through to the right channels, with the right message and be seen by the right audience. This is no mean feat, and it’s something that we love getting stuck into at Babel – using a mix of data-led insights, experience and killer content to cut through the noise.


Tech investment set to continue in 2023 

What was also positive to see from the data insights was that despite uncertain economic times ahead, the global tech industry is showing strong resilience and continues to grow. Our research showed that the vast majority of businesses (91%) plan to increase their technology spending over the next five years.

One of the high-growth tech investment areas we are avidly monitoring and loving getting involved with is Artificial Intelligence. One of Babel’s consultants recently wrote about the extent of its evolution in all shapes and sizes here, and we also just held a webinar exploring the technology implications of The European Union Artificial Intelligence Act, you can watch the recording here.

At Babel, we are passionate about helping tech companies drive impactful brand awareness and ensure that key messages reach IT decision-makers. To find out more, get in touch



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