Blue Danube

Waltzing Towards an LTE Future


Launching a technical solution to the media can be tricky, particularly if it’s based on a new concept. This was the issue Blue Danube faced as it planned to showcase its next-generation antenna solution for mobile networks. Blue Danube’s proposition was understood by an engineering audience, but the company and its investors needed to demonstrate the commercial value of the product to management at the operators and the OEMs.


Babel devised a campaign and a content strategy that would promote the solution without detracting away from its technical aspects, but crucially raise awareness of the business case for the product. The technology had been trialled on live networks by AT&T, this gave Babel and Blue Danube the hook it needed to drive awareness of the solution. Babel timed the announcement to take place prior to MWC, to coincide with scheduled media briefings for the CEO.


Blue Danube became an industry sensation overnight. Blanket coverage of the announcement in tier one publications led to acute awareness of the brand and the proposition. The company had a packed schedule of MWC briefings, followed by inbounds from customer and prospects. What began as a technical brief, transformed into an industry discussion about the practicalities of building a reliable network backbone to support video and other data services for years to come.